Sunday, May 20, 2007

Driving in SG

3 yi, Toto and me went to Tampinese shopping this morning. Ah, big deal huh?! Yeah right, I was the driver. Why? Kian Sing and 3 yi tune were not in. That leaves Toto and me behind, who can drive. She said, “喂, 開車很 Stressful 的. 萬一早產怎麼辦? …”(Hey, driving can be kinda stressful. Do you want me to have preterm delivery?) I was like, ahhaahaha….er… okay, but uh hem… you know that I shouldn’t. I’ll definitely get into trouble if… and I don’t wanna be blacklisted here, do I?
After ~15 mins of argument, they convinced me somehow. they said if I was so “lucky”, I would definitely win the $2.8m TOTO the next day. the blacklist wouldn’t matter anymore cuz I could just pack my bag and say bye to all. Hmmm… don’t know why I gave in to the request of a pregnant lady. = -pMy muscles were basically tensed. Thank God the nerve wrecking journey was only about 15 mins. Heeheheehee…小題大作? =D
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