Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer fruits - July

Summer has gone by fast.  For this year, it wasn't as hot as I would like it to be.   We did get to hang out quite a bit in our backyard tho.  But the cats only got to hang out once at the backyard this summer. :P

Our summer fruit trees were doing great this year. We finally got have our fruits!! Last year... we had only one pluot, and the squirrels ate the rest of them all!!  Darn squirrel!

This year, we covered the entire pluot tree, and the peach tree.  Yay!  The squirrel lost!  However, this year round, our 13th-months Wei Yang ate 95% of all those blueberries, peach, pluots, tangerine that we had.  I did make some peach flavored drinks for CP.... while I enjoyed sipping away my favourite Malaysian instant ice coffee. :)

Total neglect of our garden but luckily it doesn't look like it was "abandoned".  Thanks to our gardener... it's looking ok.

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