Thursday, September 20, 2012

San Diego

Outside USS Midway Museum

This post is way overdue.  This mid August, we went to San Diego for a short trip... flew from SFO to San Diego with our little man via Virgin America. It was our first domestic flight with our little man this year, after our long international trip in early January this year. Flying with a baby in a domestic flight was quite a different experience when compared with an international one. No bassinet, no extra space... nada!  The last domestic trip with WY was from Fort Lauderdale to SFO in 2011 Nov.  It was a disaster!  Clearly not enough sleep for my five month old.  The trip was absolutely miserable.  This time round, it went awesome... WY snoozed all the way on me. :)  Maybe it was just a short trip.  Let's see how this coming up trip flying to Europe goes!

Anyway, we enjoyed yummy sushi... tried this fusion Italian food at this excellent yelp review of Cucina Urbana.... YUM!!  Had some awesome Mexican food at downtown, Taco Express... of course, gotta have the dessert from Extraordinary Desserts.  The desserts are quite extraordinary indeed, but not the service!

Here're some pictures from our trip:
Lobster Risoto for lunch...

Yumm... sweet potato fries!
Met up for lunch in between
 his conference...

Preferred walking around barefoot...
Extraordinary Desserts
Gigantic Nutella in one of the
grocery store in the Little Italy
He simply couldn't resist this
 truffle parmesan fries - Cucina Urbana.
Wy's lunch and my brunch.

We drove to beautiful La Jolla Cove as well.  The weather was great!  There were a lot of ppl snorkeling, diving, kayaking and kids were having fun swimming.... esp when the seals came up close to them!  The kids were so excited!  More pics..

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