Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Introducing solid food...

Introducing solid food to your baby is a really big milestone.  The American Academy of Pediatrics gives the green light for solid food to be introduced between four and six months of age, preferably six months. As much as one can read about the guidelines and the information on the web regarding introducing solid food to infant, those recommendations will fit most infants, but just understand that each child is different and may be ready to transition from one stage to the next at a slightly different time.

At about 5 months, Wei Yang showed interest in the food that we were eating.  He stared at me while I was chewing on my leftover kebab and tried to mimic the way I moved my lips.  Cute indeed! We were excited to reach this milestone.  Finally, it was about time for Wy to dine and sit with us at about the same level; instead of laying down on the bouncer... looking at our elbows, nostrils, legs... :P  So Happy that I could start using one of my baby shower gift from Judy, a food mill. :)  We bought a booster seat and some silicon spoons as well.  With the "Amazon Mom privilege", it all came in two days!    On November 14, 2011 onwards, Wy is no longer breastfed exclusively.

Here're some videos that we took....
Introducing first solid food - apple.  Didn't like it as much... he barely managed to get much into his mouth.
This video clip is long.  Introducing sweet potatoes - do u think his whining were prompted by our not feeding him fast enough?  Guess he just couldn't get enough huh? :)
Introducing banana -  he loves banana...
We only introduce a new food every three to four days, so if there's some sort of reaction or rash, we can narrow down which one likely caused the problem.  Keeping these recommendations in mind, introducing the solid food experience can be an exciting adventure.  I know that it was for me... but not the spit out food, and the screwed up faces.  Messes are a part of this new experience.  Keep lots of towels/bibs on hand!

Right now at 6 months,  I have Wei Yang eating pureed apples, pears, sweet potatoes and bananas.  Coming up will be carrots, peas, butternut squash, and avocado... in no particular order. :P  So grocery shopping time... I know we can buy the instant baby food off the shelves.  But hey, it's California!  It's all about homemade, fresh and organic stuff... hehe... Regardless, I love making Wy's food.  It's really fun playing with the food mill... like playing "masak masak"!  Don't know why I don't feel it the same way when preparing food for adults :( 

ok. Time to get ready for Wei Yang's peds appt... vaccination time.  Will see how much he has grown since last visit.  After that Choon Ping will be leaving to SFO; 2 days in San Diego.  Alone with Wy again. :(
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