Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hiatus for a while...

Hi there!  So sorry that I haven't been able to maintain the blog over the past 3 months!  Only time will tell whether this break has sufficiently replenished my motivation to write.  So much has happened during these pass 3 months.  Choon Ping's parents were here to help us out for about 3 weeks from late August to mid September; until ah girl gave birth to baby Nathan on the 16th of September.  It was great not to worry about food during that period. :)

So glad that the grandparents were here to help bouncing the baby, changing diapers, and entertaining Wei Yang here and there! :)  It definitely helped out with our sleep deprivation as Wei Yang was only getting at most a 3-hour stretch of sleep at that time; not to mentioned that his day time nap was no more than an hour! :(  Fortunately, his sleeping schedule has improved significantly... from waking up every 1.5 or 2 hours when he was 2-3 month old to now having one stretch of 4-6 hours of sleep at night.  His day time nap now varies between 1 to 3 hours. :)

Our little boy loves cats really.  He would smile at Toro and Winston excitedly, and attempt to pat them (more like grab them) with both hands when he sees them walk by.  Both cats loves taking nap in his crib! Here's Toro napping in his crib...

Born without brows; finally started growing in early Sept.
Choon Ping was away to Asia again around mid October for 1.5 weeks, and it was just me alone again taking care of the little one.  Everything went well except for 2 days... food poisoning!  ...had diarrhea and vomited. :(  Thanks to Arif!  He took half day off so that he could help taking care of Wei Yang.  I lost quite a bit of fluids that my milk production was almost halted.  So for once, I made some formula milk for Wei Yang.  He simply refused to drink it; spitted it all out.  ...ended up only drinking very diluted breast milk and water the entire day.  Obviously he was extremely fussy on that day.  The next day, I heated up the defrosted breast milk, which he hated as well.  But at least he took some in, about 50ml... too hungry I supposed.  Guessed he rathar had this than the formula.

Lynn and Jack came over to help out the following day.  While Lynn and I were making brunch, Jack became the baby sitter.  Wei Yang snoozed away in his arm while he was surfing on the internet. Sooo cute!

Abi was here around end of October.  Wei Yang has grown a lot bigger (4.5month) since he last carried him. He was 2 weeks old then.
It was the last weekend in October (30th) that we finally managed to have all the family members went out for a meal together before the grandparents and abi went back to Asia.  Pizza we had... That same night, we decided to shave Wei Yang's head again for the second time; and the final.  He's just too cute with a bald head!  It suits him well; looked just like a little monk or little buddha. :P   Like our friend Jackie, said "it's not just the bald head... he has the aura."  HA!
Didn't like this little 'cap'...
Fell asleep during shaving.

Around mid October, Wei Yang began to try rolling over.  His first successful roll over happened on our bed on October 30th.  We were surprised to see him already on his tummy...  For the next few days, he often cried for help in the middle of the night finding himself stuck in his "tummy time position".  So he was back to waking up every 2 hours again at night for a few days.  :(   He is now very good in flipping over from his back to his tummy.  His arms and back muscles are obviously stronger and has better control.  He does the 360 turn on his tummy all the time now.  So we change his diaper on the floor nowadays as he has become a squirmy little guy.

Wei Yang is a stomach sleeper.  As soon as I put him inside the crib, he would rolled over immediately and then Zzz on his stomach right away.  I was a bit worry the first few days... kept checking on him to see if I hear his breathing sound. 
Here's a photo documenting his first solid food adventure (November 14th, Monday)... apple it was.  He didn't like it at all.  It seemed like he's trying to spit the food out... which reminded me of Jack Jack, from the movie "The Incredibles!" :)  We tried sweet potato 2 days later... he liked it!  (Will post a video later).  Tried banana last week.  He loved it.  Next one was pear... he "lau sai" the following day.  Luckily only once but an explosive one. :(  The poop went right up the back side of the diaper onto his outfit and all over his back!  Yuck!
Getting ready to have dinner with us.  His daily routine...

Dinosaur costume on first Halloween!

...woke up just in time to join us!
Thanksgiving feast this past weekend...  Ah girl, Matt, baby Nathan, Matt's parents, and Cammy came to our place.  Food was yummy!

Baby's development is amazingly fast!  Wei Yang has begun recognizing people since early October... separation anxiety coming up...!  So far, Wei Yang's height and weight is still slightly above 50 percentile.  We'll see how he does on his 6-month check up; which is coming up next week.  His first tooth peeked through his gum on November 11.  Cute!  Saw a second one coming 3 days ago, and he begins to have better control in seating position.

Seeing him smile at me while I echo back his enthusiastic coos and playing with his chunky thigh and cutie feet are my past time these days.  It doesn't matter that I smell like milk or his spit most of the time, or simply spend WAY too much time focusing on how am I going to "dig" the crap out of all his body orifices, I am just happy and grateful to be spending most of my time with my family these days!! ...and yes, merbie, I finally feel like a mom. :P

Thanks to those of you who stuck around and waited out my absence.  Until next time (whenever that may be...) :P   ...ok, a video on next post. :)

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Keep up with the post, I enjoyed reading it as well as the KX fan clubs :-P, this is the best for friends staying afar to keep and update and I am so happy to see the family photos! Nice.