Friday, October 10, 2008

2 weeks later

We started our renovation exactly 2 weeks ago. Now the demolition is done. The roof is off. And yes, the house looks like was just hit by a hurricane. The demolition actually didn't take very long. It probably took 2 days to strip the siding of the house. Removing the roof took another 2-3 days. So all in all slightly > 1 week for demolition.

With the roof off, the view is very nice. It's like a big skylight!

I lost count, I think we are now on our 4th load.

The front wall was demolished in about 2 days.

We have proceeded laying out new pipes for the house. Preparation work for the foundation has also been started.


riviera said...

The renovation looks much more major than we have expected.
Half the house has been torn down.
Should be very nice after.......:)

GH said...

OMG.. this is a major renovation. I thought you will only do the back portion only.. and now, it looks like you are knocking all down.... make it bigger since you have pull 80-90% down.. hahaha.

I really wish to visit you when all is done!! Keep posting new photos! Nice work!!!