Monday, November 26, 2007

Si Tung Ku Cheun ( Old town )

2. Si Tung Ku Chen

On our way to Suzhou, we visited this 800+ year old water city, made famous by Mission Impossible 3 a couple of years ago.
The first thing that catches our eyes are real fishermen fishing using Cormorants.
The interesting thing about this place is that there are real residents staying, and we can witness their daily life.
That is why this sign is necessary to warn them, and us too, not to simply do our business anywhere :)
This old men sells 'fried rotten tofu'
We could not gather enough courage to try it as the smell was too strange for our appetite.
However, these meat dumplings look delicious ...........
We took a cruise and trailed the path where Tom Cruise walked.
It's beautiful...................
Apparently, Tom Cruise fell into the water several times during shooting, thus, a sign was put up to warn him, and subsequent tourists, to be careful:)
It reads:
Fall into water carefully
Till then, bye........
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