Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shanghai 1-3 Nov '07

Now that we have recuperated from the hectic tour in the past 1 month, let's slowly recap what happened.........


First big impression is the MagLev ( Magnetic Levitation) train from Airport to Pudong, which touched a maximum of 431KM per hour. I remember Jap's shinkansen was around 230KM/hr.
Our hotel, Sofitel, is located in Nanking Road, a fairly touristy location.
It is a short walk to the Bund, the famous Shanghai Beach featured in the famous Shanghai beach drama, with main theme song sung by Francis Yip.
This part of Shanghai is where foreigneers used to patronise when China started to open to foreign countries.
This is also the place where there used to be a notice stating that 'Chinese and dogs are not allowed!'. Currently this notice bord has been removed and kept in the museum.
Shanghai shocked us with its modern, expensive life style.
Things are expensive, especially imported staffs.
Food too!
Our dinner for the first night, in a respectable restaurant, HuangPu Club, overlooking the bund, was in excess of 3300RMB for 8 persons!
In front of the hotel is like La Rambla in Barcelona.
Lot's of tourist walking along this road where vehicles are not allowed.
This very old hotel at he background, "Chat Choong Th'ing" is where Hey Mun Keong and Ting Lek used to visit in the Shanghai Beach Episodes.
Being a big city, Shanghai has nothing much to offer, except 'Cheng Hwang' temple, where many small stalls sell local food, traditional goods, and small souvenirs.
Mummy bought from this shop, a silk 'Cheng Sum' for Ah girl's wedding next year ;)
Apparently, Shanghai is home to the world famous dumpling 'Sheow Loong Pau'.
There are a couple of stalls here too.
However, many claimed the taste is not as good. Uncle #9 insists that Joe Shanghai in NYC is better. Ah Bee should be happy ;)
Nevertheless, there are long queues here everyday. And they even have some dumplings staffed with crab roe.
Look at what they wrote on the window, it's frightening.!
Should you five difficulty reading the last few words, it says
" Dumpling stuffed with the ovary and digestive glands of a crad "
That's all about Shanghai.
We then leave for Suzhou.
En route we will visit somewhere for interesting.
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