Saturday, August 11, 2007

sheep or cow?

We went to the San Mateo County Fair last night, it was lots of fun. I always forget how much they increase the price at the fair for the food, but regardless, we enjoyed our greasy fair food and yummy funnel cake. On top of the food, there are of course other attractions. This year, there is a reptile exhibit, and we saw lots of different snakes, alligators, turtles, and geckos (not my favorite). I even petted a snake! I still like the farm animals better. There were many big fat rabbits, sheep, pony, cows, pigs, water fowls etc. I got a chance to pet a 2 weeks old lamb, it feels really nice and woolly. One thing that I didn't know before yesterday was that camels make this 'purr' noise when you pet them, and they are very friendly as well.

We had to resist in playing the games that can win really big stuffed animals as we are cutting down the amount of soft toys that we have. Still, we couldn't resist in just playing one game, and got to welcome a new member into the family. We are pretty confused as to what it is though, is it a sheep or a cow?

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