Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ragged Point

We took a trip to this place called Ragged Point back in July. It is in the middle of nowhere between San Simeon and Big Sur. It was great and relaxing trip. We have been working so hard, it was such a good break.

Drove down Hwy 1. The scenary is amazing. Who doesn't love California? In fact, I have not really driven down Hwy 1 slowly, so this is the first time. I highly recommend it! You get to appreciate so much more when you don't rush.

Pristine beach south of Carmel, north of Big Sur.

McWay Waterfall in Julia Pfeiffer State Park, a bit south of Big Sur. One of my typical stops along Hwy 1.

All along the coast, some parts were really foggy, some were clear. So we don't know if we would be fogged in. When we arrived at Ragged Point, it was an hour before sunset, the sky were clear. What a relief! We were worried that we had to spend 2 nights in the fog.

The sunset were gorgeous! Can't stop contemplating for a few minutes...

My 3rd trip to Hearst Castle. Pei Sun's 2nd. So we decided to take a different tour, the garden tour.
Visited the wine celler in Hearst Castle. Since the state of California owns Hearst Castle now, but the state cannot own alcohol, so the wine in the celler belongs to the Hearst family.

Harmony, population 18. It has a great winery there! Highly recommended!

People are very friendly in general around Ragged Point. We met this nice couple from Santa Barbara. They invited us over to have some wine in the evening, that's where this picture is taken.

Love this picture....

Admiring the beautiful sunset...

Having breakfast with the ocean view both days! Life is great!

That's how far away we went! Don't really want to come home yet.

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