Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sophie's Baptism

Pei Sun and I attended Sophie's Baptism party reception last Saturday. This is our first baptism party. As always Jasmine and Marcel are excellent hosts.Marcel's aunt from Lebanon carrying Sophie. She doesn't like her pictures taken, so don't tell her I put her picture on the web. But this picture of Sophie is so cute! We have been to Jasmine & Marcel's place where her aunt which we called Theta made some awesome Lebanese food. Did you know "theta" means grandmother in Lebanese?

Theta inviting guest for some finger food. What finger food? It is gourmet!
Look at this! Seared ahi tuna on a piece of toast! Homemade by Jasmine!

Although the event is over, still cracking our head for what is a good baptism gift? Any ideas?
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