Monday, January 01, 2007

1st harvest in 2007

This is the first bunch of 'jambu air' or 'Aqua Eugenia' harvested this season, also the first for this new 2007 year. This year we wrapped them with cloth bags made by Rasiah.
The result seems promising, as yield is good.

This bunch will go to Ting Ting, while we took some loose ones just now.

Some will be given to uncle LauTa to-night when we meet for supper.

This year's hot and wet weather seems to be good for fruits and flowers.

There is a bumper crop of durians in Perak. So Ah Yee in Teluk Intan has been very busy collecting durians......Lot's of good quality durians.

This lime looks so big and juicy, and it's real. There are quite a bit of them in the garden.

Orchids too. This are new shoots. While under it, you can see a withered flower stem, which was blooming when Choon Ping and PeiSun were here last August.

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