Friday, October 25, 2013

Our Little Addition - WeiLing

Alas, it had been a while...  I've written and rewritten this post many times.  I guess the hesitancy stems from the drama-less birth story and also being lazy to update this blog.  But here I am... finally decided to write a post about our new little addition - WeiLing.  After all, she is indeed part of the toro family. :) And thus began our wonderful lives as a family of four.

WeiLing was born 4lbs 13 oz., at 4:40am on Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013.  My labor experience with her made me truly realize that every birth is indeed different!  I experienced no labor pain. She was born naturally, and with no painful contractions until it came time to push; which only lasted for 20mins. It certainly made up for the eight months of awful pregnancy, and borderline hyperemesis gravidarum during my first trimester. Amazed that I actually did it again without drugs.  If I could skip pregnancy and go straight to childbirth, maybe there is hope for a third.  I said maybe!   Sigh... wish I were 5 years younger...  But then as most ppl agree, giving birth is the easy part, bringing up and taking care of a child is the hard part!
Born 5 weeks earlier, WL stayed at Lucile Parkard Children Hospital at Stanford for 2 weeks and 2 days before coming home with us.
Taken on Aug 23rd (1 week), and Sept 25th (6 weeks)

Somehow, the cats just love the baby's stuff!

Ah Kong was busy entertaining and taking care of Wy, while we were busy shuttling back and forth to hospital during the first 2 weeks after WL's birth
This time round, the food for the full month celebration was Penang Style: completed with AngKu, Curry Chicken, Nasi Kunyit, and red eggs.
The grandparents made the traditional red 'angku' with mung bean fillings, while I did the 'purple ku' with peanut fillings. :)

Ang Pow from the grandparents and relatives for WL on the 'full month celebration' day

Adults' table and the kids' table

Sept 14th, 2013
WY first met WL at LPCH.  Thankfully, Wy loves her, while they may torment each other until I pull my own hair out in the future, they still have the cutest little love for each other.

 Taken on Sept 7th, and  Sept 27th, 2013

外婆 came to take over the grandparents....

Oct 8th 2013- First bath by 外婆.  Noticed that WL's head had been shaved by me of course :)
Taken on Oct 8th and Oct 13th, 2013
Oct 14th, 2013
WY misses the bouncer :)
Family photo on Mid-Autumn Festival

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