Sunday, November 11, 2012

Backup day care

While Choon Ping is in Asia for 2 weeks, I finally started using the "back-up care" again beginning this past week.  It is subsidized by Google; we've got 15 days total per year... already used up one day a while back.... 14 days left to be used before end of this year. :)  

Anyway, last Wednesday was Wei Yang's first time for this particular day care called Bright Horizon@Palo Alto. This day care is awesome! (Such a drastic difference comparing this one with the first day care that Wy went in Sunnyvale a while back. I remembered leaving him at that day care worrying...) Anyway, the toddler/teacher ratio 4:1 is excellent for this day care.  It's very clean, well heated and bright! It has lots of interesting/fun toys and a mini slide!  I hung out for about 15 mins before I sneaked out. worries at all... went home straight away, ran some errands and Zzzz for 3 hours!!  Here are some pictures for Wy's visit on 7th of November:
This is the area where Wy would hang out. On the right side behind the low partition
is the diaper changing area.  They even have a mini toilet bowl installed in that area!
Behind the changing area/toilet would be the area for kids > 2 yr.o.

I couldn't believe Wy actually sat on one of these cute little mini chair having lunch!!
Behind the yellow partition is the area for >2y.o. kids. In front of the yellow wall to the
left would be the toddler room. Straight ahead on the right side is the 'gym' area... 
(pictures below)

When I picked him up later in the day... I could hear him crying already at the reception area. :P  The teacher gave me Wy's "Daily Experience Sheet"... how cute!

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