Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Shower for Lynn & Jack

I recently had the pleasure to design and host a baby shower for Lynn and Jack this past weekend. Rarely do I get such opportunity to do a floral and event design.  I almost went all the way.  But now that I have a little man with me, especially now that he's in a super clingy phase,  I had to let go some of the fun and adorable food labels that wanted to do. My "baby sitter" (Choon Ping) did not allow me to spend too much sleepless night on this. :P  :(    It's ok. I can always hope for other opportunities. hehehe...

Thanks Lynn!  I had so much fun creating the event!  Thank you Jocelyn, Susan, Lynn, and Lynn's dad for helping out.  Also, thanks for the baby sitters as well: Choon Ping, and Albert.  The event won't be as successful without your help! :)
Care to have some English Tea?
Diaper cake that I made for Lynn & Jack
Paper straws with labels
Baby Shower Favors for girls only :)

Chocolate by Lynn
One of the centerpiece
I have to thank a couple of ladies
who made this event successful
The happy parents-to-be and their
baby shower's gifts
Another Flower centerpiece on fruits and drinks' table
More photos here....
Baby Shower

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