Thursday, June 07, 2012

Look who's turning 1!

I know I am not the most "on top of it" blogger, but I had to document this special occasion on our blog, for this is a very very happy day in our house. :)  I can't really describe in words how special this day is to me.  It was such a milestone year for us, and Wei Yang is the biggest blessing I could possibly imagine.  After all, it took us soooo long just to have him!  Tonight, we went to Sushi Tomi to celebrate... sat at the sushi bar. :)

Time has flown by... Wei Yang.  Your first year has gone by so fast!  It was really a day to celebrate seeing as less than a year ago, you were just a teeny tiny little one... born at 5 lbs 15oz., and came out fast!!  The nurse who's in charge of me that night missed it, the doctor missed it and your dad missed it too!  For the first 4.5 months, you have never been a good sleeper, been a persistent crier but always happy little chappy when held, rocked and walked about! You love playing with water; splashing at us... you think it's hilarious!  You sleep on your stomach with your butt sticking up high and with all sorts of weird postures. You don't like baby food anymore and prefer any food that we adults are eating.  You love to be carried and sometimes finish off with a big munch on the shoulder! OUCH!  You haven't been very happy while teething. You love chasing the cats around and terrorizing them.  You talk up a storm and your smiles and giggles light up the room. Today, you were so eager to walk all over the place without any fear of falling, and ate all the freshly picked blueberries in our backyard. You are such a joyful, thriving and healthy little one year old man! :)

Thank you for picking us as your family.
We love you much.
Happy First Birthday my little man!
It is quite hard to throw a nice big party now that we have to deal with a demanding little human.  Difficult indeed... but not impossible. :P  I worked my butt off getting ready for this party.  And there were definitely times I questioned why I was spending so much time preparing for a party that my son would never remember.  Guess there is something very special about your first baby having their first birthday, and kind of celebrating my first year of motherhood as well. :D

Anyway, ...sharing some of the party photos that we took last Saturday with you! (whoever you are...)

WY's 1st Birthday

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