Friday, May 11, 2012

Quick grocery shopping

sleepy eyes...
Went to Wholefoods today to buy some milk for Wy 'cause it's running out!  I'm already substituting some breast milk with organic whole milk  since he's 10 months old.  It's slightly more than 2 weeks that I stopped nursing him directly... just pumping for now.  One more week to go and I'll be "free"!  Can't wait!! I'm sick of washing those pumping accessories.

It wasn't his nap time yet while we were at Wholefood but cutie pie seemed a bit fussy this afternoon... probably due to waking up too early this morning.  He's not very happy even when he's in the cart.  So I ended up Baby Bjorn-ing him. :(

He woke up like around 5:45am this morning, and we let him cried for like 45mins! :P  ...too tired to entertain him this early and hoping that he would fall back to sleep.  Unfortunately not... :(    Anyway, his schedule for today is pretty much screwed up.   

Wy has been waking up once in the middle of the night for the past 2 days, and he woke up very early, like between 5:30am-6am!  We think it's probably due to the daylight at that hours, plus we just changed his usual soft and fuzzy velour crib sheet to the regular cotton crib sheet....  he doesn't like it.  So I've just ordered the blackout shades this morning and will get the laundry done by this evening so that he can get his soft and fuzzy crib sheet.  Blackout shades won't be here until 1-2 weeks later.  Maybe some contractor paper on the window will do... temporarily. :P  We'll see then...

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