Wednesday, March 02, 2011


We had a yummy dessert after dinner at home on Monday evening. Fresh coconut and raspberry cream cheese croissant! mmm.... very satisfying!
On Tuesday evevning, we decided to have our dinner at Udupi Palace, Sunnyvale. It serves Southern Indian vegetarian food. We haven't been to this place for ages! Seems like the business is not as good as before. Maybe it's just a regular weekday. Food was still very good... just as we remembered. We enjoyed it!
... but the 'after dinner effect' was not good at all! About an hour or two later, Choon Ping started complaining about his stomach being quite bloated. Right before he went to bed, his quite 'tune' (bloated) status has already up to an uncomfortable level 'tune'. Luckily we managed to find a bottle of "ru yi you" (some sort of oil) and had it rubbed on his stomach... hehe... just like a little baby! :P Glad that he felt much better after that. :) As for me... I was ok until in the middle of the night! Stomach was soooo bloated that it woke me up in the middle of the night. In addition to that, the baby was kicking a lot especially if I laid on my left side. I ended up half awake/sleeping in a seated position for an hour, then in a recumbent position leaning to the right until early in the morning! During this period of time, I kept hearing Choon Ping letting go gasses!! ... about 4-5 times within an hour! It was my most restless night so far since pregnancy. Conclusion: no more Udupi Palace when I'm pregnant!
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