Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well, it's been ages since we wrote anything on this blog more than a wee thingy under the photos. I don't really remember when last I did the writing for pleasure... hmm... not my thing really. They do say picture is worth a thousand words. But hey, here I am!

Maybe it's just me, but it seems as though the pace of events has picked up significantly over the last two weeks after our baby-moon at Puerto Vallarta. My belly has becoming more obvious and now people can really tell. Lately, I've been keeping myself busy with all the unfinished mini home projects as I do have a 'deadline'. :( So many stuff to do on my 'to-do-list'! It is amazing how productive we can be if there's a non-negotiable time line coming up! So far:
  • We finally hung up the huge mirror onto the wall after laying it against the wall for ~2 years!
  • Finally 'debugged' the annoying banging sound coming from the air return every time the heater kicks in. (Thanks to the darn air filter. We taped it onto the duct! And now... no noise! yay!)
  • Done sawing the curtain rods to my desired length and installed them in the living room.
  • Just finished modifying/sewing 2 sets of curtains in the dining area, it's now up!
  • Done modifying/sewing the roman blinds that we got from Malaysia. Should be up by this weekend.
Had an OB visit yesterday. Nothing much to report. Baby has been kicking a lot everyday... especially at night around 11. I guess the second trimester's OB visits are indeed quite boring. Baby's heartbeat is normal: ~140bpm. After the OB visit, Choon Ping suggested to have lunch at some other Google cafeteria that he hasn't been. It's a bit far out from his office building. The parking lot was full! ... but we had an excellent spot. How nice of Google! :)
Lunch was yummy indeed! mmm... I had tons of Gouda cheese! The sushi line was long but worth the wait. The poor amigo was making the handroll non-stop! Loves the vegetable handroll, and the seafood/crab meat handroll! Guess you can tell which one was Choon Ping's dish... he said the seared Tuna was very good! *envy* :(

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