Monday, June 07, 2010

Dragon Fruits flowering again

2 months ago, we chopped off some sugar cane and jambu air branches to allow more sunshine onto our dragon fruit ( pitaya, 火龍果/火龙果 ) plant.
So far, we harvested 3 fruits just before ChinPing's wedding in June last year. John and Diane had the honour of savouring our first harvest.
With the long drought and recent rain, our effort seems to be yielding some good results.

These are the 2 flowers which I shot this morning. They are huge, measuring about 15" each!

Tonight, as expected, these 2 flowers have a full bloom.
BTW, they only bloom for just for 1 night.
The flowers measure around 11" in diameter!

Using a different mode I catch these flowers for a better view....

Focusing on one of the flowers, you can see that the long stigmas are very nicely arranged in a vertical ring at the center.
Mummy was so excited to see them.

However, their beauty will not last.
This withered flower was blooming last night too :)

So we will be having 3 fruits in some 3 weeks time.
I also noticed another 2 small buds sprouting out. They are just about 1/4 inch in size..... ;)
Soon they will stand 15" high, like the brothers.....
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