Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moving In

We moved in last Monday 2-16-09. Most of the common area is done, and we have gotten impatient after 4.5 months worth of construction, we decided to move our kitchen things in. The combined living and dining room which we now call the great room is also ready. The hardwood floors are cleaned and I took this picture of the great room before we have stuff.

This is the kitchen. Thanks to the help from Matt, Chin Ping, P'ng, and yes Kai Xiang! We moved all the kitchen things in an hour. Look at everyone being busy already.

How can we forget about the kitties? The cats were confused! I don't think they have any idea that this is the same house. At first, I left them in the great room. But they are both too uncomfortable because the room was too big for them. So they hid in the guest bathroom.

This is the picture of Toro being more comfortable and exploring the bathroom.
Of course! Winston venture out of his comfort zone before Toro did.

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riviera said...

Very nice!
Looks like PeiSun will have to show off your cooking skill soon :)
That's the way to a man's heart, speaking through my own desire, hehe.