Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sequoia National Park

Derrick invited us to Sequoia National Park along with Matt and Chin Ping a couple of weeks ago. It has been many years since we went camping. It was lots of fun. We camped at Stony Creek campsite. We didn't book the campsite, fortunately we got the last walk-in site. Turns out for the better, because we camped where it is most secluded.

Since the campsite is next to Stony Creek, we went fishing. Derrick is the one to catch a trout where we have a BBQ trout for dinner. Derrick's parents helped prepared the food for us, so even without the trout, we would still have fried chicken for dinner.

Then Matt and Derrick caught a few more trouts the next day further downstream. But our camera is broken, after Pei Sun fell after taking the following picture.

Last weekend, we spent some time repairing the broken lens. Looks like it is somewhat fixed. Picture looks fine, here is a test picture taken right after the repair in the lab. Anything looks bizarre in the picture?

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