Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend before our trip

It has been raining recently... this Sunday, our original plan to celebrate the belated Valentine's Day with Xin & Shwe by having branch at Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay was canceled . :( However, the gathering was still on while the venue has changed to a more low key one, The Original Pancake House in Los Altos. P'ng, Judy & KX joined us as well. The food is yummy!

Later, P'ng, Judy & KX came over to our place to hang out for the rest of the day. It was great! KX also got to take a nap at our place, played with Winston, and picked some lemons. :) KX loves Winston. Toro was such a 'chicken'... she was hiding in the bedroom. Toro loves P'ng though. She sat on his lap for almost 1.5 hours straight while we were chatting, & KX was sleeping. :)

Our trip back to Taiwan & Malaysia is just around the corner... can't wait!! I still need to finish our tax... we haven't done any packing yet! So much to do yet so little time... I miss the cats already! :(
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