Saturday, September 15, 2007


Meeku is finally here! We got her last Friday, so I guess she's been with us for 1 week now. She is definitely making herself comfortable in the house, and likes to sleep on our down comforter on our bed So nowadays, we have to keep the door shut when we are not around. She is pretty smart though, when we are around, she will not take her nap on the bed, but on the floor on Matt's old comforter that we keep on the floor.

She was close to 16 lbs when we got her last week. The vet says she should lose about 4 lbs. I wonder if she had lose any weight since her arrival as she is definitely running around more, playing with Rafiki, and following us whever we go. Anything is better than that little confined space she had in the shelter.

Purr... purr...... Meeku definitely has the loudest purr of all cats! And it doesn't stop... if you can't find her in the house, just try to listen for her purr and track her down. She is very sweet and affectionate, and likes to rub her head against your hands, face, legs etc...

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