Sunday, July 15, 2007


Haven't posted in months because we have been busy building StriveWell. Hello, any more readers of Toro-family? Well, I do have a story to tell...

Last year was the first year our peach tree bear fruit, not too long after that, we noticed the number of peaches on the tree was diminishing as the fruits grew larger. Before any of them are ripe, they are all gone! Damn squirrels! I always thought they are cute little ones.

So this year, we are determined to taste our peaches! As soon as we noticed the peach being eaten, we started taking precautions. This picture was taken on April 30th.

We bought some chicken wire from Home Depot, and literally wrapped it around the tree. 3 months later! Took these pictures!

Yeah. It is really sweat!! No wonder the squirrel wants them all. But not this time... :)
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