Friday, November 24, 2006

Last or LOST?

This afternoon I overheard Choon and daddy's coversation over Skype that Blogging is for the 'Young ones'. This explains why I suddenly decide to blog too ;)
I may be the last member to blog, but surely, I am not LOST.
Toro! She is always so cute to me. So much bigger, or shall I say, fatter, than my Meeko at home.
However, I found Toro's match, while wandering along some side lanes in Barcelona, after buying our favourite Turron.
I adopted it, and named it Tara!

This morning we took uncle no.1 and wife up the dam, using the same trail as we took Donald, prior to his departure.
This is probably uncle no.1's hike up the hill in many years.
They enjoyed.
From the meter that he brought along, it seems that we each lost 250-300 calories for the 6 Km hike!
We celebrated by taking Koay Chiap, Ark tooi mee suah, and Indian mee goreng, which should add up to some 249 calories, hehe.
We are happy, anyway, who cares!
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